KUANGDUO Womens High Cut Swimsuits Sports Zipper Bikini Sets Two Pieces Swimwear Ribbed Bathing Suit



Zipper closureSHINY AND SOFT SWIMWEAR MATERIAL& SIZE:82% Polyester/18% Spandex ,S=2-4, M=6-8, L=10-12. This Swimsuit For Womens is made of soft and comfortable materials, the fabric is stretchy and sturdy, high quality, flexibility , soft and comfortable, good breathability. Wearing this High Cuts Swimsuits will make you feel more comfortable and tops pockets and zipper will make you look more sexylet you have a pleasant seaside holiday.HIGH CUTS CLASSIC STYLE:This bikini sets is a classic swimwear style. We have updated the style and added modern and fashionable elements.We added pockets and zips to the swimwear top to make it look more handsome.Special ribbed fabric makes swimwear look more sexy.Simple and beautiful, the design of this swimsuit will make you more charming,this is exactly what we love in our womens swimsuits.POCKET ZIPPER DESIGN:This high waist bathing suitsthat stays simple but absolutely perfect for that summer must have.swimsuit style that’s both classic and simple, topped off with darling details that create a showstopping summer look!Swimsuit overall is simple and clear, but the details of the pocket zipper give the swimsuit a unique style, make your chest look more charming.The neckline can be adjusted freely. You can adjust the height of the neckline according to your own preference.SUITABLE FOR MANY OCCASIONS: Suitable for the whole hot summer and other afternoon leisure time. The comfortable and beautiful swimsuit is suitable for many occasions, such as beach, seaside, swimming pool, water park, hot spring, party, vacation and other water sports. A well-designed swimsuit will make your body curve more charming, and the eye-catching and beautiful swimsuit will make you more conspicuous at the party.WASHING ATTENTION: Do not put the bag in a wet swimsuit for a long time, so as to avoid heat discoloration or odor; when washing the swimsuit, first soak it in water below 30 degrees, then add a little neutral detergent, and use it after 10 minutes Gently scrub your hands; wash with neutral detergent, do not use chlorine bleach, wash with water, wring it a little, dry it in a cool and ventilated place, do not wash it with hot water or use a washing machine to remove it, and do not dry it.


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